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MyMusicStaff is a secure website -- All of your information is encrypted using SSL encryption. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that all your personal information is safe with us. We are the sole owners of all the information. We will not sell or share any of your information. We only use the information your provide to make it easy for you to schedule lessons, pay invoices, keep up with school new and get homework assignments.

To log in --- Look for the dialog box to the right.

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Guide to using MyMusicStaff --

Your dashboard basically summarizes info that can also be found in the Calendar, Studio News, Attendance and Notes, Library and Downloads, Practice Log and Repertoire. At a glance you can see when your next lesson is, how much time you've practiced, what your attendance looks like and any studio announcements that might be important to share.

This will show you your lessons and classes plus any open events. For example, open lesson times to sign up for the Summer Session. This is also where you sign up for Playing Parties, camps and workshops.

This section includes the studio contact information plus your teacher's name and contact info. Studio News will collect all school announcements through the year in one place.

After every class, you'll get your home assignment via email. You can also log in here to see this week's and all previous assignments as well as any private messages to you. 

Here's where you go to access sheet music or music files I've assigned to you. This also where you can find extra music to play. All files in this section are studio licensed and meant to be only for your personal use. 

There are many ways to track your practice time with charts, apps or here online.  Do what works for you.

This is where you can read all the emails you've ever been sent through MyMusicStaff.

Take some time to peruse My Music Staff (also, please double check that all your contact info is complete and correct).  Thanks!